954 W. Belmont, Chicago

Special Guests and Events

Drink Specials: $3 Bacardi Bombs • $5 "Tropical Sex" pints • $2 PBR • $4 Malibu Black / Red • $4 Fris Vikings







Wednesday, August 5
Dixie Wins A Talent Show 9pm
A rigged talent show hosted (and won) by Dixie Lynn Cartwright where the audience decides who wins second and third place. 

Jackson Peter Evans and Darci Nalepa, Tommy Bullington, Erin Daly, Max DeTogne,
3 Little Sisters: Casi Maggio Kristant, Sarah Larson, and Jordan Yentz, Bobby Arnold

Human Jukebox 
with Boy Alberto of [ synthetic ]

Wednesday, August 12
Piss & Vinegar Comedy 9pm
Co-hosted by Trannika Rex & Adam Guerino
Featuring comedians TBA

Followed by: Berlin Nightclub presents a LUV.N.MUZIK production
with Boy Alberto & Lolly Gagger

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